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Dianna W.

It was the first time I ever bought a car, and it should have been one of the most memorable moments of my life, at least that's how I was imagining it. After visiting 5 dealerships, I was already thinking of giving up, but my friend suggested to try manheimcom and it was a great idea. Thank you for my beautiful first car, you've got a very loyal customer from now on.

Nov. 26th 2015
Leon M.

Many members of my family buy cars from manheimcom, that is why I decided to try it too. Since I've had a bad experience 4 years ago, with the dealership I got my old Honda from, I was very agitated and nervous. First of all I didn't trust anyone who tries to push you any car he wants. The customer service is really great, I asked them the questions I had, and I got the right answers on them. I also loved talking to the ex-owner of my Fiat, who offered me a good discount. Thank you!

Dec. 14th 2015
Larry D.

I was very pleased with the service provided. It was the first time I felt like no one tried to hurry me up and sell me a car. There are many companies which are proud of their customer service, but here I felt like I'm making my own decision, which is definitely a big plus. My wife is thinking about buying a new car also, and we already know a perfect place for that. Thank you very much!

Oct. 02nd 2015
Manheim com has a very professional team, that is why every time you have a doubt or you are worried about the manheim auto you want to purchase contact us, and we will give the right advices on our cheap cars. If you are looking for some real-world insights and information we assure you that our manheim car auction will provide them to you. You are more than pleased to give questions, to ask for explanations and make manheim auctions requests. At the same time we will do our best to offer only real manheim auction prices and find the cars for sale you are requesting for. Whether you want to buy, some great german cars, salvage cars, nice cars, old cars modified cars for sale on our manheim auctions or you simply got tired of car dealerships, contact us and we will be of great help to you.